Was that… Sayid?

Tonight is a new episode of Lost. I can’t watch it until tomorrow, so here’s some trivia related to Lost AND Bollywood.

One of my favorite Bollywood moments is when someone realizes that the character Balraj from Bride and Prejudice is played by Naveen Andrews, who also plays the character of Sayid on the TV show Lost. It’s so fantastic– “Hey! That’s Sayid? Sayid can dance?” “Wait, this is India! I thought Sayid was from Iraq!”

To me, that’s the greatest mystery of Lost– why they picked someone who looks so ridiculously South Indian to play an Iraqi. They must have liked his acting, and assumed that people wouldn’t know the difference (I guess they were right).

While semingly a kind of weird dude, Naveen Andrews is a great actor. Here’s some Sayid (all clips are from early episodes of the 1st season of Lost– no spoilers):

And here’s Balraj! If you’re familiar with Pride and Prejudice, but not Bride and Prejudice, Balraj is the Mr. Bingley character. He’s wearing black in this clip:

You’ll never look at Sayid the same way again, will you! I had seen Bride and Prejudice first, so for me, it was more like, “Whoa, Balraj can kill people,” but I think seeing Lost first makes the moment of recognition a lot weirder!


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