Stupid Saturday – Dosti: Friends Forever

I almost feel bad making fun of Dosti. Actually, I do feel bad. For one, it was the first Bobby Deol film I had ever seen. For another, Juhi Chawla is so cute. And worst of all, it didn’t even have a strictly happy ending. And that just makes me sad for it. But then I found out it was a huge hit in UK, and now I don’t feel bad for it. It did not deserve that.

Dosti is the story of (surprise) two friends, played by Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol. Bobby is the spoiled rich kid, Akshay the sweet yet roguish lower class orphan (mostly I just wanted to type the phrase “sweet yet roguish”).  They become inseparable friends, and they even hold hands while riding motorcycles through the scenic Indian countryside (cue ‘aww’). Oh, and there are some girls, played by Kareena Kapoor and Lara Dutta. Juhi, in case you are wondering, is Akshay’s doctor.

I’m reluctant to categorize this one in Stupid Saturday, because it did have a lot of good things going for it. Like Juhi Chawla, who can do no wrong. But it was this or write about Tumko Na Bhool Payenge, and I’m just not prepared for that, yet. I need some time to contemplate my life and gird my loins. Haha.

The positive things… two kind of cool songs. I love Dulhania; and to me, it just showcases why Hindi is so much cooler than English. The Hindi goes

Dulhania, dulhania
Sharmaye sharmaye
Dulhania dulhania

and the English translation for that is basically

Bride, bride
Shy, shy,
Bride, bride.

Check it out:

The Hindi definitely wins.  Ishq Na Ishq Ho was also pretty cool, although quite sad.

Also funny were some of the scenes with Bobby and Akshay… the one I particularly enjoyed was Bobby’s trick to get Akshay to propose to Kareena. Cheesy, yes, but in that cute way.

This movie is pretty cheap in film style– the story could be interesting, but it isn’t, and it’s very dissatisfying. It’s just not a great film. It was a little too long and aggravating in nature to be a fun popcorn flick– they just keep dragging things out when you wish they’d resolve them. I felt like the film makers just weren’t trying. And confusion, confusion, confusion– there were several moments I had to back up and say, “Wait, what?’ and not in a good way. Suneel Darshan (the director) was not available for comment. Well, I didn’t ask. But I’m sure he wouldn’t have been.

But, I like Bollywood, even when it’s cheap and ridiculous. I especially liked how one of the guys wore pajamas with the Incredibles on them as a child (20 years before the movie is set), even though this movie was released a year after The Incredibles. I guess people just have to grow up fast in India. Anachronistic cellphones and cars are one thing, but anachronistic cartoon character pajamas are just awesome.

Dosti is good for a few laughs, although they come at the expense of having to sit through a frequently dull film. But you might find bits you’ll enjoy immensely… if you want to give it a try, it’s on Youtube with English subtitles.. But you’ll have to look for yourself. I will not be a Dosti-enabler!


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