Stupid Saturday – Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge

I’m excited to write about Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge (2002; Eng: You will not forget) This movie is very dear to me. Let’s start out with a clip you have got to see:

So there you have TNBP pretty well represented –

Dia Mirza being terribly cute
Salman trading on his charm (don’t tell me it doesn’t work on you)
– Enjoyable choreography by Farah Khan
– Fairly good music
– Some poor costume choices
– Older men with big mustaches looking really intense
– Totally inexplicable evil people with bad hair showing up at random spots

I don’t want to tell you too much about the plot, because a lot of the enjoyment I got from this film came from all the moments when I was able to say, “Whoa, totally did not see THAT utterly bizarre twist coming!” A lot of the enjoyment also came from things like motorcycles being ridden up stairways and the outrageous self-referential humor.

Salman is the son of devout Hindu parents. He gets engaged to a girl from his village (Dia). But things are not as they seem! He begins to have strange feelings about his past, and one day he wakes up and realizes he can’t remember anything about anything that ever happened to him in his entire life, pretty much. Everyone tells him a different story about why he has all of a sudden realized he suffers from memory loss, and he gets all suspicious.

And then the plot goes all whacko! People start showing up to kill him. He has a sudden urge to go to Mumbai– which is totally understandable, right? But he doesn’t want to get into movies. He wants to find himself. Is he sure he’s not an American tourist? What could possibly be going on? Is that Sushmita Sen? Why does he think it’s significant that he’s in love with her– every guy would be! Is he really a Muslim or does he just think white hats are stylish?

I watched this film because I’d seen a couple of the songs and thought they were good… and because some kind person put it up on Youtube with their own subtitles! The subtitles were actually really good as far as I could tell– a lot better than our bootleg copy of 3 Idiots, anyway. They are much more natural and seem closer to the meaning of the Hindi than a lot of the ones I’ve seen, so that made the movie more enjoyable.

The songs didn’t disappoint. They’re fairly traditional in nature, but not boring. I really did enjoy them.

In fact, I enjoyed the whole movie. Why am I writing about it on Stupid Saturday? Well… there are a lot of things that made it stupid. A few of them are just fine in a movie, but all put together in this film, they make a pretty dumb movie. They include…

– dishoom dishoom action (translation: cheesy action with bad sound effects)
– a completely insane plot. Three or four twists was just not enough for the director/writer!
– overly dramatic cinematography: Every few moments someone makes a SUPER DRAMATIC face
– Totally convenient plot devices
– Excessive violence (The car door bit! Whoa! I was totally prepared for the machine guns, but not that!)
– Silly dialogue
Johnny Lever
Rajpal Yadav

But I still had a great time watching this film. The ending was so intense! We got the angry revenge, the fitting demise of an unexpected villain, the tragic deaths of several important characters, and a happy ending! I am in awe of anyone who can fit all of those in the last ten minutes of their film.

So should you watch this? If you think films are serious business, no. If you want to laugh your socks off at a really over-the-top action-drama, then yes! You can find it here.

And my little end note: A totally awesome cameo by Arbaaz Khan!


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