Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte

I’m back! I was gone for a week visiting friends in Illinois and Kentucky, and you may have noticed that poor Sarah had to post a lot during that time.

It’s so bad, I made Akshaye Khanna unhappy. Look at that face. Just look.

You’d think that having left her to add all those creative and interesting posts (and after getting that sad look from Akshaye), I would feel guilty and have something creative and interesting to post tonight. Well, you would be wrong, because I have the old fall-back of a video.

Netflix just added a whole passel of Bollywood films to their Watch Instantly list, and it is SO exciting! I managed to squeeze in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi before I left on my trip, and I’m glad I did. I bought this song from Amazon to listen to while I was driving… I tried to do all the dance moves with my car, but a state trooper pulled me over and that was the end of that (joking! No law enforcement officer is going to keep me from expressing my love of Hindi film through my vehicle*).

So before the review (Friday favorite!) here is a song to get you warmed up:

This song has a special place in my heart because “Phir milenge” was one of the first Hindi phrases I learned. I didn’t realize the whole cultural background, but, that’s life. There’s a whole Wikipedia page about this song, which is helpful, since I definitely couldn’t have figured out all the references.

I guess I am a little late on the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi bandwagon, but considering I’ve only been watching Bollywood films for a few months, I’m not too embarrassed. Just a bit sad that I hadn’t seen it before! I think my favorite aspect was that SRK got to play his usual hammy self AND a very different role at the same time. So all of the SRK lovers (that’s me! Pank, you may sit down and be quiet!) were able to watch the SRK we know and love, while also being able to point out what a good actor he is. What a wonderful thing for a movie to give to its audience.

*I did not actually get pulled over for dancing with my car. Although some day I am sure I will.

PS. I think Akshaye is happy now:


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