Stupid Saturday – Song Recap

Today on Stupid Saturday we’re going to watch a song (well, I am) from each Stupid Saturday film I’ve reviewed. Let’s kick things off with the only family-friendly song from Humko Deewana Kar Gaye!

What I love about this video is that it answers a lot of questions I’ve had, such as

Do men ever sweat in front of their armpits? YES!
Do you look way more intense and depressed if you wear a stocking cap while playing video games with your nephew? YES!
Is it okay to stare at little girls on a playground if you’re Akshay Kumar? YES! (No, it is not. That was just a wee bit creepy, and I excuse a lot. And now you may be wondering why I wanted to know if it was okay to do that if I was Akshay Kumar. Am I Akshay Kumar? Ladies, calm your beating hearts– I am not Akki. I actually didn’t ask that question. It was rhetorical.)

Next up! Don’t Say Alvida, from Main Aurr Mrs Khanna:

I like it because it has the desi cousins of the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

Now for a song from Dosti: Ishq Na Ishq Ho Kisise

Pretty good, actually. I think it’s interesting that the guys stand by and don’t interrupt the wedding. I guess it’s just as well, Akshay’s character’s circumstances considered, but it’s rare that an opportunity for a man to interrupt a wedding and save his true love is passed up in a Hindi film.
And Bobby looks so sad. It’s breaking my dil.

Next up! This song from Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge is interesting to me because I haven’t seen a lot films which feature Muslim songs. Muslim characters, yes, Muslim songs, no. I can’t remember what it means, though… but Farah Khan choreographed the dancing, so it is worth a watch!

And now for one with some English! Everybody sing, “WHAT’S THIS SONG?”

Chham Se, of course, from Dus. This is the only “appropriate” song from the whole movie. All of the others contain some really questionable material (yes, I sound like an old auntie, I know). But this one is fun! I like to sing it to myself whenever I meet knew people. They never think that’s weird at all. Also, way to keep it classy with a pleather choli, Shilpa. Actually, no, considering it’s a pleather choli, that was pretty classy. And Sanju, that was pretty cute.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip. I know I always love revisiting dumb Hindi films to again view the, um, interesting moments they have given me.


Stupid Saturday – Dus

(Stupid Saturday was postponed until Monday.)

Time for Dus! Whoohoo!

Hehehe. I don’t even know where to begin on this one. Dus (Ten) has more redeeming qualities to it than Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (namely, Sanjay Dutt, Abhishek Bachchan, and Sunil Shetty. I’ll watch anything with Sunil in it) and yet it was probably a worse movie. That in itself is pretty impressive, however.

I can’t quite decide if Dus is so bad it’s good. It’s right on the edge. For me, it just made it into the ‘good’ category, but I suspect for most people it would just be BAD. Read the rest of this entry »

Stupid Saturday – …

This one’s for John. I’m on vacation, so I’m taking a break from criticizing really bad movies. Don’t worry, next week I’ll be back with Dus, and boy will that be exciting.

Have a lovely weekend!