Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte

I’m back! I was gone for a week visiting friends in Illinois and Kentucky, and you may have noticed that poor Sarah had to post a lot during that time.

It’s so bad, I made Akshaye Khanna unhappy. Look at that face. Just look.

You’d think that having left her to add all those creative and interesting posts (and after getting that sad look from Akshaye), I would feel guilty and have something creative and interesting to post tonight. Well, you would be wrong, because I have the old fall-back of a video. Read the rest of this entry »


Stupid Saturday – Dosti: Friends Forever

I almost feel bad making fun of Dosti. Actually, I do feel bad. For one, it was the first Bobby Deol film I had ever seen. For another, Juhi Chawla is so cute. And worst of all, it didn’t even have a strictly happy ending. And that just makes me sad for it. But then I found out it was a huge hit in UK, and now I don’t feel bad for it. It did not deserve that. Read the rest of this entry »